Abraham Lincoln

Amy Winehouse

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Bob Marley

Pablo Picasso

Sonny Bono

Howard Hughes

Jimi Hendrix

Aretha Franklin

Do you know what all of these famous people have in common

They come from different walks of life, different eras, different artistic genres …. but they all belong to one distinctive club.

Each of them, despite their success, fame and fortune, died without a Last Will and Testament making administration and distribution of their assets and wealth a nightmare for their families to sort out.

Regardless of whether the value of your estate would rival that of these celebrities, the legal issues of administering your estate and distributing it are the same.

It is so important to make your wishes known, which, in the end will save your beloved spouse, children or other loved ones from a prolonged legal battle.

Having a Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy and Living Will can provide peace of mind to you and is a gift to your loved ones.

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